Mathilde Loisel was a remarkable woman who endured all the hardships life could bring onto her. Mathilde Loisel, a character created by Guy de Maupassant in the short story The Necklace. Mathilde was a woman who likes to dream. She will dream about her life that she could have lived.

In the beginning of the story, we will find that Mathilde was a housewife who dreams about wealth all the time. She dreams about luxury and wealth that could escape her from all the miserable way that she was living at that moment. She will dream about the entire fine thing she should have as a beautiful lady. She grumbles at her husband for every single luxury that she did not have. She does not treat her husband with respect and finally borrowing the necklace for a party was her way of escaping her pitiful life for one night.

When she loses the necklace it will bring out the worst in her. She will not have the guts to go to her friend and tell that she have lost the necklace where she only valued the value of the jewel not her friendship. She will end up losing the entire thing that she treasured and the things that she could have if she would not have lost the necklace. Her financial state will become to the lowest that it could get.

She will however keep her dignity and will not give up. She moves into an attic in a house, give up her servant and do all kinds of hard labor that life could bring on her. She turns into a hard-spoken and coarse lady after enduring ten years of suffering that she went through to get the necklace and pay back the debts. Her character shows that she is a woman that did not want to lose her dignity and was willing to live in poverty rather than giving it up

She indeed a woman who had great strength to endures such things, but if she would have face the reality that about the necklace and told the truth life would not be so cruel in the end. Mathilde was stubborn to a certain extend. She did not listen to her husband that brought her all the miserable things in life.